Hello, and Welcome!

Thanks for following me with my big move! And welcome to those who are new!!! I decided that all our family stuff and my scrapping stuff together is just too much stuff. So this is my paper crafting, scrap booking, artsy-fartsy new blog! Please bear with me as there will be a few changes that will take place as I get settled in! I want to start off by showing you my scrap-studio. I get asked a lot of questions regarding my space, how I organize, and where'd you get that! So I thought that I would share :) Come on in, and have a look around....

This is my paper storage. All sorted in folders by colors.

Under each side of my counter top I have one of these book shelves full of photo boxes and jars. The jars are separated by colors and hold either my flowers or buttons. Each of the photo boxes holds a theme of something, for example fall stickers, school items, or small tools or punches. And they are all labeled accordingly.

These large jars hold all of my trims and ribbon. Each sorted by color.

This is the most amazing storage ever! These are tilt bins and I found them several years ago at Staples. I have three different sizes. They hold large alphabets, and bling.

Tattered Angels Storage.

Stickles storage and go-to items. Like all of my blending sponges, items I am using for a project at the moment.

Adorable antiqued shelf that I picked up just for display purposes. I just had to have it!

Close up of my clothesline that I hang some of my favorite Layouts on. This keeps me motivated and inspired!

Punch storage. I love this system! I found the idea somewhere online and I can't imagine using anything else. I so need to add another organizer as my punches have seemed to outgrow this one.

This is the inside of the closet, I use this area to hold most of my stamping items. The drawers hold stamp sets and ink pads. All of my paints are also kept here in a cupboard organizer and sorted by color.

These shelves are in my closet to hold all of my "stuff." It keeps it organized and off of the floor.

This is my clip-rack. I use it to store items that can be hing, or otherwise would get lost in the shuffle of things. It displays items at an incline so I can see everything at once.

I only scratched the surface with the pics and I hope that you found some inspiration for storage. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them for you! As an added bonus....if you become a follower AND leave some organizational feedback, or a link you will be entered to win a "Welcome" basket from me filled with scrappy goodness! I will close the drawing on June 19th, and the winner will have 5 days to respond. So please make sure to leave your email info :)

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  1. Love what you did with your blog Jen and so glad that you shared your lovely craft room with everyone!I know I was totally inspired by how lovely and organized it was and so much fun to scrap in too!

  2. Just love your creative space Jen! And congrats on your new blog and website, Yay!

    When leaving the house for a scrapbooking/card/project class, I always have a 'jump' kit stashed with my favorite necessities (scissors, bone folder, tape runner, pen, craft knife, edger & glue pen) to grab & go!

  3. Oh my goodness...you have an awesome stash and a lovely lovely scrap space!!! thanks for sharing! Congratulations on your new website as well. I will surely check it out!

    Wish you Luck!
    Viji #5858

  4. btw love you blog banner! too cool!

  5. Oh my, how beautiful and organized your scrap room is. I don't see how I can give you any organizational tips. I like to have the things I use most often like my ATG gun, cutter, scissors, foam dimensionals, and paper piercer all within arm's reach! I became a follower!

  6. Wow I LOVE your scrapbook space!! I have been wanting to start a blog and I really guess I should be brave and JUST GO FOR IT!!! I love how organized you are. I have LOTS of organizational products and keep changing how I store things. I store my stickles in one of those new bottle caddies from Scrapcessories. They are sold at scrapbookpal.com. They even have arcylic stamp storage boxes. Check them out!! I have became a follower of your blog.

  7. Love your scrapping space. Excspecially the clip rack with all the Heidi Grace stuff. Heidi Grace is my favorite. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  8. Your studio looks beautiful! Lots of great ideas!

  9. Your organization is totally awesome how do you do that i will have to take a few lessons for you if i make cards all of my things are scattered all over . :)


  10. I'm so jealous of your setup. Love what you've done with everything. I don't have a room, so I keep all my stuff in travel form as I scrap on the move. I have found so many different storage solutions, but my favorite right now would have to be my Lock & Lock from QVC. Specifically the stack-able set with the handle.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome organization.

    Fiskateer #7021

  11. Love your scrap space! I have no tips for organization (does not look like you need any! lol) since I don't have a scrap space of my own.
    connie #2909

  12. WOW!! I have never seen such an organized scrap area.. looks great..I just started blogging..come visit my blog..nothing fancy though..I became a follower..thanks for the chance Hugs Regena

  13. Love your space and anything that has to do with organization! I really like your little shelves that display things you've created, it makes me wish I had more wall space. I think the close line would be an awesome alternative for me. I just added myself to follow you and I'm leaving you a link to my sb room and all my organization.


  14. Oh my gosh...you have an AWESOME play space! I wish I had 1/4 of that space! Nice blog look too!

  15. i really like you scrap area and your storage solutions!!!

  16. I am totally envious of your space and your storage capabilities. I will have to study your pics to see how I might be able to use your ideas on a smaller scale. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Fiskateer #6795

  17. I love your new site!!!!!! So clean and fresh feeling, also love your creative space! You are one lucky girl. :) Thanks for sharing photos, I LOVE taking peeks at other people's spaces!

  18. Wow, wonderful scrappy room. I love the table in the center, looks like two people can sit and scrap together. My favorite scrap tool is a carousel that has little compartments all around and a center one that's taller to hold my rulers. It's nice and easy to give a spin and find all my favorite goodies and adhesives.
    Best of luck with your blog. bizstuffmb@gmail.com

  19. Oh my-I am so jealous. Can I come live under your scrapping table? My fave organizational tip is to put pictures of what's inside boxes on the outside so I can see at a glance what I've got.
    Gorgeous clean blog-easy to read. I really like it.

  20. I am room-jealous. I'm in the dungeon (basement). What a wonderful set-up!

  21. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and your neat ideas! I am always looking for something new :)

  22. Holy guacamole ! You have your very own little scrap shop ! That's fantastic !

    Organizational tips ?? I'm not so good at that, my space is in the dungeon aka basement! I'm rather fond of hammering nails into the ceiling rafters and hanging things! I store my punches in the shoe bags like you. I also use file cabinets for my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.

    Sorry, not much help !
    Patty 2832

  23. oops..also meant to say, I love your blog header pic 1

  24. Don't include me in your RAK - just wanted to say that your new blog looks great and your scrap studio is awesome!!!

    I couldn't give you any hints as most of my goodies and squashed into the spare bedroom and my "space" is temporary on the kitchen table :)
    TracyM #6773

  25. I will definitely become follower of your blog right now! I love your beautiful scrap room and I'm thoroughly jealous of how wonderfully organized you are. I'm working toward it. Maybe some day. :)

    Where did you find that neat clip rack? I have a clip it up where I keep most of my clear stamps, but that one looks much much bigger. My current project involves labeling everything. Wish me luck that I will *ever* get my room as organized as yours! :)

  26. P.S. I subscribed via email. I hope that's the proper way to do it. I'll also see you on Facebook if you'll accept me as a friend. :)

    Fiskateer #1135

  27. The Clip rack is about 4 ft tall and was a display from a local store. I have another one that I am just waiting to fill. And Yes Veronica that is fine....I love new Facebook friends :)

  28. nice space! luv your room! I recycle as much as possible...so my room is filled with jars, baskets, plastic containers for every little thing! I do what you do for punches..luv it! I have 2 rotating spice jar racks...each hold 16 clear glass jars...MOST of me buttons are sorted by color so very easy to grab the jar I need...luv it! cher

  29. Jen your room is beautiful and so inspiring. I have a new scrap room and you gave me so many wonderful ideas. As a matter of fact, the closet was a big one. Right now I have everything just stacked. It didn't occur to me to put shelving in there. I am running upstairs to measure and head over to Home depot to get some inexpensive shelving I saw and get started today!!! THANKS!!!! I just became of follower of your blog and I look forward to reading it!!! rhbjh2000@yahoo.com

  30. Oh I forgot to tell you. A gal wrote in to Splitcoast Stampers and showed everyone in a tutorial, how to make ink pad storage from a card board box. It is such fantastic storage and it doesn't cost anything. Most storage is expensive and this is a must see.


    As for my organization....I just make sure everything is sorted and labeled or I would never find it again! Great new blog..I am excited to read what you have to say!!

  31. Your space is great!! I finally got one of those lazy susan type things and I love it!! It was the best organizational investment I made!

  32. Wow, great room! I love how organized it is! I dont have a whole lot of tips~you look like your doing great already, and I have learned quite a few ideas from you. Sometimes when I have time, I put together page kits and leave them right by my scrapping area(i cant leave all my stuff out). Im all about functional storage, if its pretty but not functional, I wont use it. I need storage that allows me easy access. Love those tilted drawers! Ive been wanting to get some at the hardware store for ever.Look forward to following your blog

  33. Hey there Jen, ur blog is off to an awesome start. Love the way you shared photo's with us on your scraproom organization. Just love seeing what other people have and possible ways to organize.
    The tilt bins are my favorite way of organizing as well. especially if its small items. A while back I added a pic to Fiskateers about another way I like to organize. Here is a link but you have to have cupboard space to do it.
    Thanks for the great chance at the RAK, anyone would be lucky to win.
    Hugs, Rosalee #5977

  34. Your organization is not only amazing but truly inspirational! I love all of your worktop space, actually I'm quite envious of it, lol... since we moved 10 months ago, I've had use a corner in my bedroom as my scrap space and it's always out of control! It's so difficult to be inspired to create layouts in a crowded disorganized space like mine that I have to go to a friend's house to actually get anything accomplished, scrapwise! I really like some of the storage ideas that I gained from you but also from some of the comments that have been posted.... I'd say that my best organizational habit would be hanging my kits on hangers, which then I hang on in one side of my closet. Thanks for sharing your pictures and for the chance of winning a scrappin' treat!

  35. What an awesome space to creat in! Now I want to go reorganize mine -it's a mess!!


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