The Worst is over.... I hope!

It snowed, and snowed,
and SNOWED!!!!  About 15" and then some...let me tell you it feels like100!

They called a snowday for our local schools and can I say I had happy children :)  They enjoyed playing outside... Check out their fort fun...

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Wicked Weather.....

I still am not sure why after all of these years I still call Wisconsin my home....I dislike the snow and cold.  I am more of your sandals and flip flop kinda girl.  And today we have been in for another large dose of the white stuff!  YUCK!!!  But I have used this time constructively and I update my gallery and website.  If you haven't had a chance yet please visit them, the links are in the sidebar --------------------------------->
They both have new pictures and updated events :)  I hope that you are not snowed in or out as some cases may be, but are at home and warm!  The only good thing may be a snow day for the kiddos....lets cross our fingers.  -xxxx-

Happy Shoveling!
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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

First I want to start off by thanking everyone who voted for my Totally Tubular flower....you made it a success, and I won!!!!!!  Thanks :)

Next I wanted to share with you our recent ongoings!  It's been a busy week, but I managed some time to squeeze in some scrapbooking and some pictures.  We had Jump Rope for Heart this week, which is a annual tradition for us.  This year we jumped in memory of my dad and his battle with his heart.

I also worked on a few pages.  Both are based on sketches, here are the sketches and my take on each one:

My take

My  take
From Magistical Memories
Thanks for looking and I will see you when I return from Vegas!!!

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A Banner Day...

I finally finished my banners AND I got them up!!!  Yea :)  Here are the pics of the fun Valentine decorations that we made.  My daughters made the 3D heart garland using Fiskars punches!

XOXO Valentine Banner

This one the girls made :)  We love our Fiskars punches!!!

Burlap and Red Sequins

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What's Cooking?

I got bit by a bug today....a cooking bug!  I enjoy cooking but I really haven't spent much time in the kitchen lately. While at the grocery store today I was looking at all of the yummy goodies out for the Super Bowl tomorrow, and thought.......I need to make some treats!  Off I went and filled up my cart.  So tomorrow while the game...I mean commercials are on we'll have full bellies.  Here's just some of our menu:

Taco Dip and Deviled Eggs

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Now I am off, to clean up the kitchen and finish my Valentine's Day banner.  I share pics tomorrow once it's all done :)  Hope you enjoy the game tomorrow!

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'twine all 'twine

I am soooo excited that I have to share my latest scrappy purchase....TWINE!!!  I have been in twine-envy for quite some time now, but now it's all mine :)  Now I just have to find a cute way to display it, and get going on some fun projects!!!

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