Hello, and Welcome!

Thanks for following me with my big move! And welcome to those who are new!!! I decided that all our family stuff and my scrapping stuff together is just too much stuff. So this is my paper crafting, scrap booking, artsy-fartsy new blog! Please bear with me as there will be a few changes that will take place as I get settled in! I want to start off by showing you my scrap-studio. I get asked a lot of questions regarding my space, how I organize, and where'd you get that! So I thought that I would share :) Come on in, and have a look around....

This is my paper storage. All sorted in folders by colors.

Under each side of my counter top I have one of these book shelves full of photo boxes and jars. The jars are separated by colors and hold either my flowers or buttons. Each of the photo boxes holds a theme of something, for example fall stickers, school items, or small tools or punches. And they are all labeled accordingly.

These large jars hold all of my trims and ribbon. Each sorted by color.

This is the most amazing storage ever! These are tilt bins and I found them several years ago at Staples. I have three different sizes. They hold large alphabets, and bling.

Tattered Angels Storage.

Stickles storage and go-to items. Like all of my blending sponges, items I am using for a project at the moment.

Adorable antiqued shelf that I picked up just for display purposes. I just had to have it!

Close up of my clothesline that I hang some of my favorite Layouts on. This keeps me motivated and inspired!

Punch storage. I love this system! I found the idea somewhere online and I can't imagine using anything else. I so need to add another organizer as my punches have seemed to outgrow this one.

This is the inside of the closet, I use this area to hold most of my stamping items. The drawers hold stamp sets and ink pads. All of my paints are also kept here in a cupboard organizer and sorted by color.

These shelves are in my closet to hold all of my "stuff." It keeps it organized and off of the floor.

This is my clip-rack. I use it to store items that can be hing, or otherwise would get lost in the shuffle of things. It displays items at an incline so I can see everything at once.

I only scratched the surface with the pics and I hope that you found some inspiration for storage. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them for you! As an added bonus....if you become a follower AND leave some organizational feedback, or a link you will be entered to win a "Welcome" basket from me filled with scrappy goodness! I will close the drawing on June 19th, and the winner will have 5 days to respond. So please make sure to leave your email info :)

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